Pretty Perky Peggy King
Life and Career:  A Family of Her Own
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1961 - Peggy married Sam Rudofker, Philadelphia-based owner of After Six, a company specializing in evening wear for men.  Here the couple is pictured with their long-haired dachshund Rekord, latest in the line of some forty champions of the breed. Their little friend was purchased in Germany while the couple were there on their honeymoon.
1962 - Peggy and Sam out for an elegant dinner.  While it may not be readily apparent in this picture, Peggy is a now a "lady in waiting."
May 1962:  Peggy lovingly nestles her four-week-old son Jon, while a proud Sam looks on approvingly. Jon joined the happy family on April 18, 1962.
October 1962:  A broadly smiling Jon at six months
1962 - Peggy and Jon:  Just one more picture of the Rudofkers' sweet little bundle
1963 - Jon with a bit more hair and Peggy with a little less!
1963 - Peggy's darling daughter Suzanne Rudofker, pictured here at six months, was born April 28, 1963.
1964 - Jon intently studies a tall and handsome visitor, Bill Lee, at the Rudofkers' Raynham Road home in Merion, Pennsylvania, a Philadelphia suburb.
October 1965 - Jon and Suzy watch the adults attending a party at the Rudofkers' Raynham Road home from their elevated vantage point.
1966 - Suzy and Jon at three and four years of age respectively
1969 - Jon and Suzanne all dressed up and on their way to attend a party in Philadelphia
1975 - Peggy and Sam were vacationing in Italy at the renowned resort of Villa d'Este when Sam snapped this picture of Peggy.  Click on the image at left to see this and another picture of Peggy with Lake Como in the background taken during the couple's holiday.  
1976 - A proud Peggy, mother of a fourteen-year-old Jon now taller than she is, poses here for the camera with her handsomely attired son, September 1976. 
January 1977 - Sam and son Jon at a local venue, the Rainbow Room, attending a promotional event entitled, Get it On With After Six, the program for the evening written by Peggy for her husband and his company.
Mid-1970's - Sam is presented with the Man of the Year award for his work on behalf of Israeli causes. 
January 1995 - Jon, wife Susan and a very large friend take a moment to pose for the camera while out to dinner.
2003 - Peggy poses with daughter Suzy and Suzy's stepson Grant on a visit to their home in northern California, where Suzy is now a special education teacher.  The lady in red is Mary, a family friend.
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