Pretty Perky Peggy King
Life and Career, Year by Year
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The 1930's - the South Greensburg years
The 1940's - Ravenna, Ohio: the formative years
1950 - Already on her way 
1951 - Hollywood calls. 
1952 - MGM wants a new Judy Garland. 
1953 - In Las Vegas mingling with the stars
1954 - Suddenly I was the Hunt girl!
1955 - Into the nation's living rooms every Saturday night
1956 - Entertaining the enlisted men at Fort Sill and more
1957 - Modeling for Seventeen magazine
1958 - Peggy meets a former president.
1959 - Nominated for the Sarah Siddons Award
1960 - Playing opposite Jim Garner on Maverick
1961 - As Bianca in Kiss Me Kate at the St. Louis Municipal Opera
1961 - Peggy starts a family of her own.
1964 - In Mr. President at Casa Manana in Ft. Worth
1975 - Peggy officially launched a second singing career in 1983, but she was very active on the music scene in Philadelphia well before her own debut.
2007 - Peggy on stage in Los Angeles
2008 - Peggy speaks at a meeting of the Broadcast Pioneers of Philadelphia.
2009 - Peggy entertains the residents of Bryn Mawr Terrace, a retirement home.
2010 - Peggy visits New York Finger Lakes region and meets devoted fan Anne Scrivner.
2013 - Peggy is grand marshal of the 2013 Doo Dah Parade in Ocean City, New Jersey
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