Pretty Perky Peggy King
Peggy in Performance at Mister Kelly's
On December 5, 1960, Verve Records of Hollywood ventured to Chicago's famed nightclub, Mister Kelly's, replete with all the necessary recording equipment  for capturing Peggy's performance there.  Their intent was to release an LP album of Peggy's appearance at the club, but for reasons unknown that LP never materialized.  Also present that evening, however, was an individual with his own private (albeit non-professional) reel-to-reel tape recorder to preserve that program of songs selected by our Peggy.  We present that collection here below in two sets.  The quality of the audio retained by the now nearly 50-year-old consumer grade acetate tape used at the time is highly variable, but we suspect that true Peggy King fans will gladly tolerate that deficiency.  If you listen carefully, you will find that at least once during the events of that evening there proved to be a bit of a shocking experience for Peggy!
Set One 
(12 min 17 sec) 

Fun to Be Fooled 
Like Someone in Love 
I Like Myself 
Blame It on My Youth 

Set Two 
(12 min 39 sec) 

Let There Be Love 
The Party's Over 
Do, Do, Do 
My Foolish Heart 
A Long Way from St. Louie