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      Peggy King is most fondly remembered for the years she spent as resident singer and sometime comedic ingenue on the George Gobel Show on NBC television starting in the fall of 1954.  During the rest of the decade of the 50's Peggy made many guest appearances on other popular television shows.  Anthony has documented Peggy's history as a fixture on American television, which he presents for us below. 

17 Feb, 1955; NBC  
Season 4, Episode 25:  “The Big Underground” 
Guest star:  Peggy King 
The song "Any Questions" by Arthur Hamilton was performed by Peggy King, Buddy Cole and the Mellomen. 

Primetime Emmy Awards 
7 Mar, 1955 
Nominee:  Best Female Singer 

The Name's the Same 
5 July, 1955; ABC 
Host:  Clifton Fadiman 
Panelists:  Joan Alexander, Mike Wallace, Laraine Day, Roger Price  
Celebrity guest:  Peggy King  

Music 55 
16 Aug, 1955; CBS 
Cab Calloway, Calvin Jackson (as part of Calvin Jackson Quintet), 
Peggy King  

What’s My Line? 
28 Aug, 1955; CBS 
Host:  John Charles Daly 
Mystery guest:  Peggy King 

The Jack Benny Program 
23 Oct, 1955; CBS  
Host:  Jack Benny 
Guests:  Art Linkletter, Peggy King 

Coke Time  
15 Feb, 1956;  NBC 
Host:  Eddie Fisher 
Guest:  Peggy King 

The Milton Berle Show 
8 May, 1956; NBC  
Host:  Milton Berle 
Guests:  Mickey Rooney, Peggy King, Arnold Stang 

The George Gobel Show  
23 June, 1956; NBC  
Host: George Gobel 
Guests:  Peggy King, John McGiver 

Vic Damone Show (30 min series) 
06 Aug,1956; CBS 
Guests:  Peggy King, Alan King (comedian) 
Highlights:  Vic sings "Speak, My Love" and selections from "Carousel"; Vic and Peggy sing a duet with "The Trolley Song". 

The Steve Allen Show 
7 Oct, 1956; NBC 
Host:  Steve Allen; Announcer: Gene Rayburn; Conductor: Skitch Henderson  
Guests:  Bud Abbott & Lou Costello ("Who's On First?"), Lionel Hampton, Peggy King, Mickey Mantle, Mrs. Babe Ruth, Kukla, Fran (Allison) & Ollie 

The Jonathan Winters Show
6 Nov, 1956; NBC 

The Steve Allen Show 
11 Nov, 1956; NBC 
Host: Steve Allen; Announcer: Gene Rayburn; Conductor: Skitch Henderson 
Guests:  Jerry Lewis, Buster Crabbe, Anita Ekberg, Georgia Gibbs, Anthony Steel and participants in NBC's forthcoming production of "Jack and the Beanstalk":  Celeste Holm (as Mad Meggie); Joel Grey (as Jack), Peggy King (as Tillie), Cyril Ritchard (as Peddler) and Arnold Stang (as Mr. Fum, the Little Giant)  

Producers Showcase 
12 Nov, 1956; NBC 
“Jack And The Beanstalk” 
Cast: Joel Grey (Jack); Celeste Holme (Mad Meggie); Cyril Ritchard (Peddler); Peggy King (Tillie); Billy Gilbert; Arnold Stang (Mr. Fum, the Little Giant) 

Bob Hope Chevy Show 
28 Dec, 1956; NBC 
Host: Bob Hope 
Guests:  Ginger Rogers, Mickey Mantle, Peggy King, Jerry Colonna 

The Ray Anthony Show 
22 Feb,1957; ABC 
Host:  Frank Leahy 
Guests:  Peggy King, Matt Dennis 

Matinee Theater 
29 Mar, 1957; NBC (3:00 pm/60 min) 
“The First Year” 
Cast:  Peggy King, Darryl Hickman, Eddie Foy III 

The Steve Allen Show 
16 Jun, 1957; NBC  
Host:  Steve Allen; Announcer:  Gene Rayburn; Conductor:  Skitch Henderson 
Guests:  Don Adams, Edie Adams, Herbert Hartig, Peggy King,  
John Cameron Swayze  

Vic Damone Show (60 min series) 
03 Jul, 1957; CBS 
Host:  Vic Damone; Producer:  Lee Cooley; Assistant Producer: Charlott Paley; Writers:  Lawrence Marks and Arnold Horwitt;  
Director:  Byron Paul;  Bert Farber Orchestra 
Guests:  Roger Williams, Peggy King, Mata and Hari (dance team), 
Harvey Lembeck and Robert Strauss (comedy team featured in "Stalag 17"), the Story Princess, Arlene Dalton (telling a story), Peter Lawford (cameo appearance) 
Highlights:  Peggy King sings "The Trolley Song"; 
Vic sings "Taking a Chance on Love," "The Street Where You Live," "Got the World on a String," "Love is a Many Splendored Thing" and "Do I Love You Because You're Beautiful?." 
Lembeck and Strauss do a comedy routine of a hotel resort that offers you everything. 

The Jimmy Dean Show 
06 Jul, 1957; CBS  
Host:  Jimmy Dean 
Guest:  Peggy King 

The Julius LaRosa Show 
17 Aug, 1957; NBC  
Host:  Julius La Rosa 
Guests:  Peggy King, Harvey Stone, Norman Erskine, Alcetty, 
Ralph Marterie Band. 

The Guy Mitchell Show 
11 Nov, 1957; NBC  
Host:  Guy Mitchell 
Guest:  Peggy King (replacing the ailing Gloria DeHaven) 

The Pat Boone Chevy Showroom 
12 Dec, 1957; ABC 
Host:  Pat Boone 
Guests:  Peggy King, the Four Lads 
Highlights:  Pat sings "You Do Something To Me."  
Peggy "teaches" Pat the Stanislavsky School of Acting. 
Peggy sings "The St. Louis Blues." 
The Four Lads perform "A Light in the Window." 
Pat sneaks in a musical plug for his movie "April Love" 
and joins the Four Lads in a weather prediciton, "Rain." 

The George Gobel Show 
17 Dec, 1957; NBC 
Host:  George Gobel 
Guests:  Eddie Fisher, Peggy King 

Hallmark Hall of Fame 
9 Feb, 1958; NBC 
"Hans Brinker or the Silver Skates" 
Cast:  Tab Hunter, Peggy King, Dick Button, Basil Rathbone, 
Jarmila Novotna 

The Steve Allen Show 
16 Feb 1958; NBC 
Host:  Steve Allen; Announcer:  Gene Rayburn; Conductor:  Skitch Henderson 
Guests:  Don Adams, Duke Hazlett, the Hi-Los, Joyce Jameson,  
Peggy King, Don Knotts, Jerry Lewis (cameo appearance), Belle Montrose, Dale Robertson, Red Skelton (cameo appearance) 

Stars Of Jazz 
16 May, 1958; ABC 
Host:  Bobby Troup; Orchestra: Dave Pell Octet 
Guest:  Peggy King 

Arthur Godfrey Show 
23 Sept, 1958; CBS 
Host:  Arthur Godfrey 
Guests:  Jackie Cooper, Peggy King 

The Gary Moore Show 
3 Mar, 1959; CBS 
Guest host:  Frankie Laine 
Guests:  Carl Ballantine, the Wiere Brothers, Peggy King, Michel Legrand, Lee Pelty, the Steiner Brothers 

29 Mar, 1959; ABC 
“The Strange Journey of Jenny Hill” 
Guest Star:  Peggy King 

Milton Berle’s Kraft Music Hall 
1 Apr, 1959; NBC  
Host:  Milton Berle 
Guests:  Peggy King, Edgar Bergen and Charlie McCarthy 

The Gary Moore Show 
9 Jun, 1959; CBS 
Host:  Garry Moore 
Guests:  Carol Burnett, Buddy Hackett, Peggy King 

Kraft Music Hall  
15 Jul, 1959; NBC 
Host:  Dave King 
Guest:  Peggy King 

Perry Presents Tony Bennett
18 July, 1959; NBC, Sat., 8:00 pm
Host: Tony Bennett
Guest: Peggy King

Perry Presents Tony Bennett
25 July, 1959; NBC, Sat., 8:00 pm
Host: Tony Bennett
Guest: Peggy King

Kraft Music Hall: The Perry Como Show 
30 Sep,1959; NBC  
Host:  Perry Como 
Guest Stars:  Walter Brennan, Peggy King, the Everly Brothers,  
jazz dancer Jack Cole, the singing group Pitch Hikers, Bing Crosby (on record)  
Highlights:  The Mitch Ayres Orchestra performs "Schubert Alley". 
Perry sings "Where or When" and several of his popular hit records from the 40's and 50's; Peggy does a medley of songs from "Gypsy." 

The Gary Moore Show 
20 Oct, 1959; CBS 
Host:  Garry Moore 
Guests:  Mel Torme, Alan King, Peggy King 

The Gary Moore Show 
2 Feb, 1960; CBS 
Host:  Garry Moore 
Guests:  Andy Griffith, Peggy King