Pretty Perky Peggy King
Life and Career, Year by Year - 1954
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Suddenly, in July, Peggy became "Hunt's girl" and starts doing singing commercials for tomato sauce!  Click here to hear the nine seconds that launched Peggy's recording and national television careers.
Peggy at the Hunt Foods party in Cleveland with Tom Armstrong, Johnny Andrews, Bill Gordon and C.A. Ossmann
Peggy with Sidney Andorn of the Cleveland News at the Hunt Foods party 
Peggy receives some of the spoils of being named spokesperson for Hunt Foods. 
Peggy at the Houston Mardi Gras celebrations with Bob Stack, Mona Freeman, Bob Neal and Ann Francis
Peggy's advice:  "Never play cards with Lou Costello!"
Peggy on stage with Bud Abbott and Lou Costello in Las Vegas   
Peggy at the Hollywood Bowl with disc jockey Peter Potter
Peggy on the set of NBC's Dragnet with its star Jack Webb and Arthur Hamilton, composer of Cry Me a River      Actual broadcast of program added 11/25/12
This pose, taken inside Peggy's first apartment in Los Angeles, Peggy refers to as Little Girl Blue, presumably after the classic ballad which she would sing so often during her career.  Click the image at left and see two more studies of Peggy taken in that first apartment.   
NBC's first publicity photo of Peggy, as she begins her journey through the Gobel Years, perhaps her greatest claim to fame nationally
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