Pretty Perky Peggy King
Life and Career, Year by Year - 1955
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The George Gobel Show, a half-hour comedy-variety show, debuted at 10:00 p.m on Saturday, October 2, 1954, on NBC television.  Peggy, the resident singer on the program, would be introduced by George each week in his own inimitable way.  By 1955, not just George, but the entire nation was calling the attractive young singer by the title Gobel had bestowed upon her:   Pretty Perky Peggy King. 
Peggy is feted on her twenty-fifth birthday backstage by members of the cast of the George Gobel Show.  Pictured here along with Peggy are Knobby Lee, John Scott Trotter and George himself.
The entire cast joined the party, including writers Bud Yorkin and Hal Kanter.  Standing to the right of Peggy as pictured is Jeff Donnell, who played George's wife in the weekly domestic comedy sketch on the show.
George and Peggy rubbing foreheads, a gesture frequently used for comic effect on the George Gobel Show.
Click the image at left to see two scenes taken on the set of the George Gobel Show, one featuring the erudite member of the long running panel show What's My Line?, Bennett Cerf. 
Peggy and writer Jimmy Allendice backstage at the George Gobel Show
Peggy recalls that this picture was taken by a fan as she was leaving the set of the George Gobel Show
Peggy signs autographs at the Houston Mardi Gras celebrations early in 1955.  Here she is shown with Jeff Hunter, a fellow participant in the festivities.
Here Peggy poses for the camera with actor Jeff Hunter. 
Peggy plays the princess role at the Houston Mardi Gras celebrations
In April 1955, Peggy sang Count Your Blessings at the Academy Awards ceremonies in Los Angeles.  Following the event, a gala party was held at the famed Romanoff's, where Peggy was caught by King Feature's photographer Nat Dallinger dancing with movie idol Jeffrey Hunter.  This and the photo immediately below were kindly contributed for use on this website by Claudia Henry, author of the website devoted to the life and career of Jeffrey Hunter.  Click here to check out Claudia's comprehensive tribute to this handsome and versatile actor.  
Another snap of Peggy dancing with Jeffrey Hunter at the post-Academy Awards gala at Romanoff's in April 1955 courtesy of Claudia Henry and her website dedicated to Mr. Hunter.  
In May, Peggy paid a nostalgic visit to Ravenna, Ohio, where her family had moved when she was ten years old.   Here Peggy is pictured with her beloved "Pap" as they walk along a familiar street.
During her visit home Peggy stops by at Isaly's, the ice cream shop where she had worked when she was fourteen.
Her former boss promptly puts Peggy to work!
Peggy's trip back home included a visit to her former high school home economics teacher.
While in Ravenna, Peggy visits the office where she worked briefly following  graduation and meets the young lady who replaced her in the position. Peggy's father looks on from the doorway.
Peggy pauses long enough for an impromptu session with accompanist Eddy Samuels entertaining some young admirers.
Peggy's visit to her hometown was not entirely of her own design. The city of Ravenna had scheduled a full day of activities on May 7th honoring their now famous adopted daughter.  Here Peggy receives the key to the city from the mayor. 
Peggy takes to the mike to acknowledge the warm welcome she receives from her hometown folk. 
Peggy entertains her adoring hometown fans on Ravenna's Peggy King Day.
Peggy is pictured here in the lead car of the parade honoring her during her visit to Ravenna.
The parade honoring Peggy rolls on . . . 
. . . and into the sunset.
Some enthusiastic Cub Scouts clown for the cameras as they hold up autographed pictures of Peggy given out during the day's festivities.
Peggy was born in South Greensburg, Pennsylvania, where she lived until the family moved to Ravenna, Ohio, when she was ten.  Here Peggy is shown on the porch of her Aunt Kate Hirst's house in South Greensburg, along with her Uncle Joe, Richard and Ronnie Weckerly.
Not to be outdone by the folks in Ravenna, Peggy's adopted hometown, South Greensburg also honored their native daughter with a parade in June 1955, just a month after similar festivities held in Ravenna.  Along with Peggy in the car are Eddy Samuels, Aunt Kate, Nana and PapPap.
Peggy appears once again at the home of her Aunt Kate on the day the community of South Greensburg turned out to honor her.
Peggy pauses to pose for a professional photographer during  her visit to the to South Greensburg.
On July 4, 1955, Peggy appeared in yet another parade, this one in Bridgeport, Connecticut, when she graced a float entered by Columbia Records. 
Peggy appears on an improvised stage provided by KMTV in Omaha, Nebraska, along with Leo Durocher during ceremonies dedicating a new baseball park to serve the community.
Peggy singing for fans and local dignitaries at the dedication ceremonies.
Peggy pauses from a busy schedule during the summer of '55 for dinner with family and friends at La Vie en Rose in New York.  She is joined here by her parents, then husband Knobby Lee and accompanist Eddy Samuels. 
The July issue of Modern Screen magazine featured a lengthy illustrated article about Peggy, her life and career.
Peggy on stage during her six-week tour with Bill Haley and the Comets during  the summer of 1955
Peggy clowns with an unidentified disc jockey in Des Moines while on tour during the summer. 
Peggy poses with an unidentified young couple at La Vie en Rose in New York.
Peggy smiles for the camera along with friends Ray Heatherton and Shirley Yamaguchi at La Vie en Rose in New York.
Peggy snuggles up to fellow singer Johnny Johnson at La Vie En Rose in New York sometime during the summer of 1955.  "I'm wearing my favorite singing dress," she says.
Peggy prepares for an appearance at the 1955 Ohio State Fair.
Peggy with her parents Floyd and Margaret King at Peggy's North Hollywood home
Peggy with her parents again, this time in a somewhat more formal setting 
Peggy and her parents are joined here by Peggy's manager (left) and accompanist Eddy Samuels. 
Peggy with her very first dachshund Mr. Magoo
"I worked with the boys [Abbott and Costello] as their opening act prior to the Gobel show and Lou especially was my darling friend.  He had me written into their movie Abbott and Costello Meet the Mummy.  I sang You Came a Long Way from St. Louis." 
Peggy and Lou Costello at Warner Brothers in 1955
Peggy arrives for one of her many personal appearances around the country.  Second picture added 05/20/11
The William Morris Agency had Peggy nestled in fur for this glamorous publicity picture.
"I bought this dress from Dinah Shore," says Peggy for this NBC publicity photo.
Peggy poses for the camera along with husband Knobby Lee at the 1955 Emmy awards dinner in October.
The October 22,1955 edition of TV Guide carried this picture of Peggy and George Gobel on its cover.
Peggy, along with daytime television's Art Linkletter, appeared as guests on the Jack Benny Show that aired on CBS television on October 23, 1955.  This publicity picture contributed by Anthony DiFlorio is dated a few days before the broadcast, October 10th.  Anthony DiFlorio is a longtime friend of Peggy's and archivist of much Peggy King memorabilia.  You can see Anthony's own Peggy King tribute page here New 01/12/13
Just one month later, the November 19, 1955,issue of TV Guide carried a two-page feature article on Peggy, including this full-page color picture. 
In December, Peggy made a guest appearance on the Eddie Fisher ShowSecond picture added 05/20/11
Peggy is shown here with Sid Sholsky, Eddie and announcer Fred Robbins on the set of the Eddie Fisher Show.
Peggy with old friend Debbie Reynolds and her husband Eddie Fisher
Besides being a regular on the George Gobel Show from 1954 through 1957, Peggy made frequent guest appearances on other popular television shows of the era, such as the one depicted here with Mr. Television, Milton Berle.  Screen captures added 11/25/12
In this candid shot Peggy is caught backstage at the Mocambo, as she prepares for her appearance there on New Year's Eve, December 31,1955.
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