Pretty Perky Peggy King
Life and Career, Year by Year - 1957
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Early in 1957, Peggy was featured in an issue of Seventeen magazine, the popular publication then as now dedicated to adolescent girls. 
Another picture of Peggy from the Seventeen magazine layout
In a swirl of skirt Peggy poses for yet another picture for Seventeen.
Peggy captured in a pensive moment in a pose reminiscent of Rodin's The Thinker
Peggy regally gowned for one of her appearances on the George Gobel Show
Peggy takes a bow along with Garry Moore and other members of the regular cast of the Garry Moore Show, Durwood Kirby and Marion Lorne.  Other guests on the program that evening included comedian Alan King and the "Velvet Fog" Mel Torme. 
Peggy poses here for a publicity picture for Paramount Pictures' movie Zero Hour.
Peggy enjoys the sun and water on a brief visit home to Ravenna.
Peggy pauses on her visit home to Ravenna long enough to be captured in this wistful pose.
Peggy appeared in this 1957 magazine advertisement for Webcor phonographs.
Outside her apartment in Los Angeles Peggy entertains one of Hollywood's true immortals:  Lassie!  
Peggy shares a moment of levity with the legendary Fred Astaire.  
Peggy prepares for a return appearance at the Ohio State Fair, 1957 edition.
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