Pretty Perky Peggy King
Life and Career, Year by Year - 1960
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Peggy appeared with Jim Garner in an episode of Maverick especially written for her entitled The Strange Journey of Jenny Hill.  It was the only episode in the series during which Bret Maverick proposed to the leading lady.  In this case Peggy, in the character of Jenny Hill, refused his proposal.
We're not exactly sure when Peggy decided to try a radically different hair style, but the result does bear some resemblance to her hair style in the Maverick sketch above.  Click the image at left and see four pictures of Peggy with this rather different coiffure.   
On January 29th, Peggy appeared on the Ed Sullivan Show on CBS television.
 Peggy on the set of the Perry Como Show
Peggy on the set of the Garry Moore Show is pictured here with with Allen Funt, Durwood Kirby, Marion Lorne, Garry, Carol Burnette and Andy Griffith.
Peggy clowns with friend Darryl Hickman (left) and Eddie Foy, Jr. on the set of NBC's Matinee Theater.  Peggy played a witch in a production which would resurface several years later as the situation comedy Bewitched.
Peggy is captured here on stage at the St. Louis Municipal Opera's production of Meet Me in St. Louis.  Peggy, third from left, appeared as Ester, Judy Garland's role in the original 1944 movie.
Peggy poses among a gathering of top New York City area disc jockeys at Grossingers, the popular Catskill Mountain resort north of the City.
During August Peggy took with her the character of Ester to Kansas City's Starlight Theatre's production of Meet Me in St. Louis.  Just click on the cover of the program to look inside.
Peggy poses with Oscar Marienthal on the day before her opening at Mister Kelly's, while Marty Rubenstein looks on in the background.
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