Life and Career, Year by Year -  the 1940's
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1946:  'Pegge' in Ravenna at age sixteen.  Note her preference for the unusual spelling of her name at this age.  Pegge was born in Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania, in the community of South Greensburg, where the family resided until moving to Ravenna, Ohio, when Pegge was ten years old.
1946:  Another pose by the young Pegge, obviously from the same studio sitting
1947:  Pegge as a high school senior 
1947:  Pegge is in the front row, first on the left, in this photo of her high school graduating class of 1947.
1947:  Pegge's high school graduation picture
1947:  Pegge the beauty contest participant.  "I lost," she confesses!
1949:  Pegge's first bona-fide glamour shot at age nineteen.  Note the inscription to her beloved parents.

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